"Accesorios Vipa, S.L." Is actually  a totally family company, itīs  foundation in 1982, when itīs director  Juan  Villalba  Muņoz,  created the company with the name "VI-PA" and after that  in  1985  with  the  name   "Juan  Villalba  Muņoz Accesorios VI-PA".

A commercial idea for industrial deliveries, was transformed through the years into what it is today, one of the most pretigious industries specialized in accesories and machineries for automation.

Our large experience in this area, the permanent visits at the most important expositions in Spain and  Europe, the permanent contact and attention to our clients helped us to achieve, due to our tenacity and seriousness, to be considered one of the first companies in this area in Malaga and surroundings.

Since the year 2000, reforced by the youth and strength of the sons of itīs founder, "Accesorios VI-PA, S.L." Offers their clients and collaborators the best guarantee of continuaty and sefvices at their disposal.

We feel honoured having our company in this beautiful and warm mediterranean city called Marbella, known all over the world for itīs uncomparable climate and touristic importance, which we enjoy allthrough the year.

Our most sincere thanks to our clients, collaborators and friends for their unestimable help through all this years. Now we pass over to view our articles.

Marbella, january 2001.